Contract Terms

We offer 1-5 year contracts. We promise to never push a contract length that is longer than you are comfortable committing too.

Market prices change a lot, however they only tend to increase year on year, based on the last 10 years. We are here to protect your business, not mis-sell you contracts without explaining what you are signing.

Understanding your business also allows our experienced team to negotiate and arrange long term fixed/flexible contracts. Our extensive portfolio of suppliers, all with substantial, long-standing relationships, allows us to really create a bespoke solution for your business, matching service levels, tariff and contract length to you.

  • Fixed Term Contracts
  • Prices are fixed
  • Contract term is fixed
  • Your prices will not change without prior notice
  • Passthrough/Flex Contracts
  • Unit rates are fixed (commodity charges and unit rates will look lower)
  • Distribution charges (DUoS) are variable.
  • Transmission charges (TUoS) are variable
  • Contract term is fixed

Your prices will change monthly. If you’re new to passthrough/part passthrough contracts, the low unit rates may attract you, however these types of contracts are not for everyone, let our team explain the difference.