Energy Supplier Struggles

Energy Supplier Struggles

What sorts of issues may justify for complaint?

  • Being unhappy with your gas and electric bills such as incorrect billing
  • Being unhappy with the way that the energy contract/ service was sold to you
  • An issue arising due to switching energy supplier
  • An issue with your energy supply arises such as a loss/ a connectivity issue

Step 1

The first thing to do if a concern, issue, or question arises is contact your supplier *If you need help with an email or telephone number then contact us, we will help*  

Step 2

If step 1 fails and your complaint is not resolved, then a written complaint is the next appropriate method of action to take. Send a letter detailing your issue and send this to the supplier by recorded post. *If you need help with your letter, we have templates where to send your letter then contact us we will help*  

Step 3

If step 2 fails and your complaint is still not resolved, we recommend raising your complaint with The Energy ombudsman at They provide a service whereby you can raise a dispute against your supplier, and they will independently investigate and if possible, provide a resolution for your issue.   WE ARE HERE TO HELP! For all other enquiries or questions, contact our team today.