Energy Uncertainty EXPLAINED

Energy Uncertainty EXPLAINED

The current energy market is, to say the least in a very volatile position currently.


What has made energy so expensive?

Currently worldwide there is a shortage of gas and as a result this has driven prices through the ceiling as countries fight for what’s available.


What can Tribe Energy do for you?

We are looking to help as much as we can so we are providing options to you that may help in the short term, the view is this is nowhere near a long-term fix, with Energy costs expected to rise over the winter period, suppliers are now increasing the out of contract rate which then leaves any customer open to the harsh reality of opening the business or closing.


Electricity contract options

Pass through contract

This purely fixes the Energy bought by the supplier, and this equates to around 40% of your bill, all other charges are passed-through, this means you oversee your energy costs, not the supplier, leaving the supplier less risk to build into your fixed price. This means the options of Supplier risk and the Transportation costs are flexible, and you the customer can accommodate your business to fit this option. We manage this with you giving you the option to move with the Energy market.

Semi pass-through contract

For those who are looking to be more cautious with the current situation, then this may be the option for you. This product fixes a little more than the above, including Transportation costs, and Renewable Obligation meaning that your risk is lower, and the supplier takes on more risk, opening you to the supplier building this into your price.

The best analogy we can give is, it’s like baking a cake, you can build in all the ingredients into the mix and bake it yourself (pass-through & semi pass through) Or you buy it ready-made and pay more (Fully Fixed).

Which shall I choose?

If you are looking to figure out your best option in this situation then speak to us and let us figure out how we can guide you through the difficult time, now is the time to think smarter and stop your business paying excessive rates long term.

The market price will fall at some point, and you want to be in the best position for your business whilst the market is currently extremely high.



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