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Tribe Energy do not hide behind the brand or where it all started.

The Owner & Founder Nick Simpson, has been part of the energy industry in excess of 15 years.

He has worked on the supplier channel for the biggest consuming supplier in the UK currently and enjoyed 8 years completing various roles from Sales, Customer Engagement and Marketing.

He has worked on the broker channel for the past 5 years understanding the customer journey and how third party intermediaries benefit a customer, it was on this journey that he believed he could do more for customers and put their needs first.

In his spare time Nick enjoys playing poker and looking after his marine fish aquarium, he has 2 boys who are avid footballers and spends most weekends watching them play from the sidelines, like many other parents up and down the country – He does not enjoy it so much in winter.

Nick and the wider team are happy to help with your energy requirements and know they will do the right thing by you, our customer.

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Excellent service, very helpful and speedy service to find a meter installer and electricity supplier at a competitive rate.
Kate Dixon
Nick and Sara at Tribe have worked fast and effectively to arrange a better energy deal for our company - Thanks Tribe Team!
Tony Fox
Outstanding customer service was amazing Nick Simpson was super helpful! I am one happy customer
Danielle Ruzicka