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Tribe Energy prides itself on its integrity and making sure you, the customer, knows what contract you are agreeing to
  • We offer fixed, flexible, part pass-through and pass-through contracts on: Electricity (half hourly and non half hourly), gas and water
  • Renewable energy options
  • Ranging from 12-60 month contracts
  • We contract and multisite (We can bring all your end dates to 1 unique end date)
  • We know we are better than the competition, we welcome you to question anything you are unsure on
  • We offer you true information on energy contracts and will not miss-sell contracts to you
  • We do not sign you into service level agreements nor will we hide information from you when making your informed decision
  • We will never sign a contract on your behalf. We do not believe in that practice, where you’re not in control
  • Straight talking, simple pricing, structured engagement so you’re aware of everything that is happening with your energy contracts
  • Unlike 99% of our competitors we will share with you our uplifts on all contracts (This market is extremely murky with scrupulous brokers who hide lots from customers and you could say ‘rip them off’ – We are the beacon that are prepared to put you first and not make fast cash)

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Our Reviews

Excellent service, very helpful and speedy service to find a meter installer and electricity supplier at a competitive rate.
Kate Dixon
Nick and Sara at Tribe have worked fast and effectively to arrange a better energy deal for our company - Thanks Tribe Team!
Tony Fox
Outstanding customer service was amazing Nick Simpson was super helpful! I am one happy customer
Danielle Ruzicka